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KickStart Local has taken a new approach to online marketing and customer acquisition. After decades of online advertising experience, we have come to know that businesses want several things, more customers, higher value customers and they want them to stay customers for a long time.

Traditionally digital agencies have boasted their ability to raise a company’s page ranking, or drive more traffic to a particular page on that company’s website. 

That’s all great but does it actually drive sales?

At KickStart Local, that’s all we care about, Sales, Customers, and mostly Revenue!

How do we do this? First we start by determining what a customer looks like to you. Next, we design a very simple yet powerful page to capture that customer’s information. Then we craft a simple introductory offer to entice them to try out your company. 

We find those customers through the largest web traffic sources including Facebook and Google. Then we create an automated sequences including voicemails, text messages, emails and more to lead these customers directly to you. 

Finally, we work with your sales department to optimize your internal sales funnel until these customers become your raving fans.
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